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In this video, you’ll learn about the process of hiring remote American professionals, including remote Software Developers, remote American IT Support specialists and more.

Watch until the end to understand:

– The process of hiring remotely

– How remote hiring can benefit your business


At Outsourcing to Israel, we help you hire American and native English-speaking professionals who have been educated at top institutions in the US. Many of these professionals that we can help you hire have been ranked at the top of their fields, and have held high-level positions in prestigious companies and startups.

One of the main hiring challenges for companies today, is not only attracting the right talent, but also fine-tuning the process to maintaining these professionals to have them stick with their company in the long run.

At Outsourcing to Israel Remote Staffing Solutions, our specialty is finding those candidates who want stability and will stay with your company for years to come, whether it’s a remote American Software Developer, Remote Tech Support Specialist or High End Customer Service Representative, we can help with it all.

The major benefit of hiring remote American professionals with Outsourcing to Israel, is that you will save much time energy and costs that are associated with hiring, training and adapting to new staff on a regular basis.


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