Ariella Abbo

Dina enjoys using her technical background as a Full Stack Developer, together with her degree in Psychology, to focus on understanding candidates’ skills and needs, so she can match them with their ideal jobs. Her aim is to ensure that both the client and candidate are truly satisfied.

Meira Beitler

Director of Marketing & Development

Meira is a strong media and communications professional with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. With an International MBA from Bar Ilan University, her specialty is in building relationships with teams globally and understanding what they need to work and grow optimally.

Adina Steinhardt

Senior Recruiter

Adina has many years of professional HR experience. At Talmer Bank and Trust in Michigan, she served as a Recruiting Support Specialist, supporting the Talent Acquisition Team, interacting with the HR Service Center and assisting all members of the HR team. Adina has a strong track record for pinpointing the right person for the job and takes pride in making perfect matches.

Yehuda Freilich


An experienced Israeli entrepreneur, Yehuda has founded and run multiple companies and organizations in the US before heading back to Israel. It was there that he discovered an untapped gold mine of talented American and Anglo talent living in Israel. Due to cultural and/or language barriers, many of these skilled professionals simply do not fit well into the Israeli work environment. In response, Yehuda founded OTI to bring this outstanding quality work force to serve companies professionally in the US.