We will find you the ideal candidate and manage your offshore working relationships to help save you time and money, and give you peace of mind. Our skilled recruiters handle every aspect of the process, stopping only when you are 100% satisfied with the arrangement.



Our customized staffing solution ensures that you get only the best from the talent pool and that whoever you hire becomes part of your culture and team.

We save you the time, reading through dozens of applications and talking to and screening candidates thoroughly, so that we get to know them well.

Once we fully understand their own individual strengths and weaknesses, then we can assess how the candidates will fit into your team. Only when we know these are people you can 100% trust with your vision will we then send them over for you to interview.


Hiring Options

We fill positions ranging from full time to part time and project-based work.

  1. Hire a candidate who will work from home
  2. Use one of OTI’s well-equipped centers as a workplace for your specialists
  3. Let OTI start your own company center in Israel, at an unbeatable price

Specialized Training

Once we find your ideal candidate, we can also arrange training and motivational programs to help provide added value and even better results.

Not sure which is the best hiring option for you? We’re here to help!


Our recruiters have an acute understanding of the fields they place candidates in. With our detailed, comprehensive screening process, you’ll be sure to get highly skilled professionals who rank at the top of their fields.
We find you consultants who will stay with your company for the long-term. This will save you time, energy and costs spent on training and adapting to new staff regularly.
You can receive dependable, around-the-clock work, taking advantage of both Israeli and American time zones. This will help you meet deadlines more quickly and efficiently, with a shorter turnaround time.
By hiring remote professionals from Israel, you’ll spend up to 30% less on overhead costs, helping you maintain a much lower budget for the same level of quality and productivity.
Technology moves at lightning speed and you need an IT solution provider who keeps up. We provide you with high tech talent from Israel, the dominant force in the tech industry, so your business can keep pace with current industry practices and advances.
Benefit from an American team who speaks your language fluently and will provide you with high-quality American work ethics, professionalism and reliability.
We have one of the largest databases of English-speaking professionals in the country, with access to specialists in a wide variety of fields.
Our exceptional recruiters have real-world experience in the fields they place talent in and have a deep understanding of the skills, qualifications and personality needed for your specific job and company culture.