This forward-thinking company is ahead of the curve when it comes to hiring remote employees in 2020.

Outsourcing to Israel (OTI) Remote Staffing Solutions knows just what businesses need, adding their own personal touch to hiring, at a time when many AI solutions are phasing it out.

Outsourcing to Israel began helping US-based companies hire top American professionals to work remotely back in 2013, before the concept of remote work was popularized. Says Yehuda Freilich, CEO of Outsourcing to Israel, “Our top goal has always been to get into the minds of our clients to understand their specific hiring needs. We take the time to speak to our clients, understand what really drives their business and what specific professional and personal attributes they’re looking for, before sending over a carefully hand-selected group of candidates.”

There are a number of remote hiring trends Outsourcing to Israel is monitoring that will play a big role in the way hiring is approached in 2020.

Remote hiring will continue to grow exponentially.

With emerging research on the effects of remote work on company productivity, companies will be more open to allowing employees to work remotely. A recent study done by Stanford University and quoted in Inc showed “an astounding productivity boost among the telecommuters equivalent to a full day’s work.”

Remote workers will stay with companies for longer.

Employees are reporting that being allowed to work remotely makes them much more likely to stay with their current companies, rather than seeking new opportunities elsewhere. They save money and time on commuting, can work from virtually anywhere, get more sleep and are even eating healthier!

Employee priorities are shifting.

A recent Deloitte study found that “travel and seeing the world was at the top of millennials’ list of aspirations (57 percent).” Remote work helps fill the emerging workforce’s need to travel, accommodating their preferences, which will, in turn, allow them to feel more engaged
while working.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) may not be the future of remote hiring.

When hiring remotely, companies need to place greater emphasis on personal relationships and getting to know their employees. While many use AI to automate their hiring processes, this solution likely will not work when building remote teams. Personal attention, cultural fit and honing in on small nuances, are all things best handled by human interaction.

Outsourcing to Israel maintains that for companies looking to hire experienced professionals, that will offer stability and remain engaged employees, remote hiring is the solution. They understand that by hiring American professionals to work remotely, businesses open themselves to a broader candidate market, thereby allowing them to hire those with the exact experience and qualifications they need.

About Outsourcing to Israel (OTI Remote Staffing Solutions)
Outsourcing to Israel is a boutique staffing and recruiting firm whose powerful team of experts have filled thousands of open positions with qualified candidates, since 2013. OTI’s mission is to help companies hire smarter, in less time, by finding them dedicated and passionate American professionals who can work remotely, at lower rates.

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