Happy and productive employee working from home.

With many teams today working from home, many companies have been reaching out to us asking how they can make sure their remote employees are working their best from afar.

The truth is, remote teams can be just as productive, if not more productive, than in-office employees. The key is to understand how remote teams work and play up to their advantages. If you follow these steps, you can watch your team’s productivity soar in a relatively short amount of time.

And trust us, when this crisis is over, you may decide to allow your employees to continue working from home, either part or full time!

#1 Flexibility
The first thing you need to bear in mind is that employees that work from home will need a certain degree of flexibility when it comes to which hours they work, especially if they are caring for young children at home during this time. If there are certain critical hours for your business, make sure to let employees know that in advance so they can coordinate their schedules to fit your company’s needs. Tell them that you are there to help them figure out a place that works for them and their schedules, too. Use that time for team meeting and essential collaboration. This way, they can perform all nonessential, non-time bound tasks during their own free time, whether that’s early in the morning or later on in the evening.

#2 Collaboration
Make sure that you have all the proper online tools in place so that employees are all on the same page, informed of goings-on at the company, and know what’s expected of them. Without daily in-person meetings or conversations at the water cooler, it can be difficult for employees to stay on top of what’s happening in the company. By keeping employees engaged on different platforms, such as team management platforms or chat apps like Slack, they will feel more connected to the team and it’ll be easier for them to stay more focused and productive.

#3 Focus on Productivity
When employees work from home, focus on making sure they achieve the end goal, not on the tasks along the way that get them there. Encourage employees to be productive and achieve their goals in a manner that works best for them. Allow them to ask any and all questions they may have, without making them feel ignorant for doing so. Make sure you work together with them to help them prioritize and balance their schedules and prevent burnout.

Hire Remote Workers
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