Pacifier, computer and cellphone.

why hiring moms gives your remote company an edge

We’ve already talked about tips and advice for remote companies that are hiring moms. But why is hiring moms a good idea in the first place? What unique talents do they bring that other demographics don’t?

Good question. Let’s take a look.

hiring moms = flexibility

Anyone who’s ever spent time around kids knows that one of the number-one rules is to expect the unexpected. Kids are nothing if not unpredictable.

Having a team with employees who aren’t fazed by sudden changes is a huge asset for an employer. After all, sudden “lane changes” like work-flow switches and impromptu revisions to projects and reports that need to be done ASAP are inevitable. And mothers are great at handling them. It’s what they do every day.

Beyond that, mothers’ flexibility also allows them to achieve a work-life balance other team members can learn from. According to Jen Steele at Zippia, this is one of the reasons she loves hiring and working with moms: When employees see mothers leaving by a certain time every day to pick up their kids, “they’ll start thinking about leaving at a more reasonable time themselves,” she says. And when “employees on your team see the lengths to which a working mom will go to get childcare when she needs to put in a few extra hours, they’ll reconsider their own dedication.”

moms are great at time management

The ability to get the most out of your time is a huge plus in an employee. Who doesn’t want their team members to stay focused, keep track of their tasks and get the maximum out of their working hours?

Well, from the moment their first child is born, mothers don’t have much choice but to become very adept at time management. There are only a certain number of hours in a day, and they have a huge number of responsibilities they need to fit in that time space.

Believe it or not, a survey done by shows that if stay-at-home mothers would receive a paid salary for everything they do, they’d be earning close to $180,000 per annum. That’s how many responsibilities they juggle.

So if you’re looking for employees who know how to multitask, plan their day well and take advantage of their time, hiring mothers is a great way to go.

hiring moms = commitment

There’s an interesting misconception out there that working mothers don’t stay in their jobs for very long. Pandemic aside, as a general rule it’s simply not true. Working moms want stability; they’re not interested in leap-frogging from job to job.

And working mothers know about commitment. Since they live such committed lives, they see sticking with a job or project and seeing it through as a value. They know how to keep their eye on the big picture, see setbacks as temporary and work out creative solutions to get the job done.

moms offer perspective

Being a parent helps you see that there’s more to life than the here and now. This doesn’t only make working mothers great employees; it has an effect on the entire team, too. Which means that when there’s an “emergency” and things get tense, mothers know how to stay calm and keep things in proportion — and show others how to do the same.

So the next time a resume from a working mother hits your desk, keep in mind all the reasons hiring moms can benefit your business.

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