There are qualities to look for when hiring remote workers

The post-pandemic economic environment is vastly different from that of pre-COVID conditions. We’ve seen a major restructuring in the way companies employ staff and build teams. US businesses are broadening the search for specialized staff beyond regional and international boundaries to gain access to a greater pool of good candidates.

The Benefits of Hiring Vetted Staff

There is a multitude of benefits to hiring vetted native English speakers from countries like Israel. We’ve already experienced a dramatic increase in demand and have placed thousands of staff at American businesses.

One of the major attractions is that cost saving on employing remote workers from these countries are significant, as time and money wasted on commuting are no longer factored in, meaning employees can work for less. In addition, reduced property costs as your team is being built by highly experienced work-from-home candidates, you no longer need large corporate offices, ample desk space, running costs, and costly technological tools.

An added advantage is that we’re seeing is increased long-term employment commitment by remote workers. Recent studies show that staff who work from home are 47% more productive. That’s why US companies are employing native English speakers from these locations to build a dream team of vetted and qualified administrative and software staff. In a study by Owl Labs, they showed that work-from-home staff were 22% happier than on-site employees, it also stated that remote workers had less stress and were more focused. A similar study by Ergotron, found that 56% of remote staff reported an improvement in their mental health and had a greater commitment to wellness choices.

Our candidates are hand-picked to provide high-quality service to American companies. With English as their mother tongue, candidates have exceptional communication skills and accommodating schedules to ensure round-the-clock service for your company. Candidates are experts in their respective fields and enhance your team with unparalleled skill. They are well-educated and have worked for established corporations.

At Outsourcing to Israel we have a team of specialized recruiters in several high-demand sectors who draw from a pool of hundreds of fantastic candidates that undergo a thorough and meticulous interviewing process.

Our strategically built team is fully equipped to assist you with building your team. We’re entrenched in the American market as our leadership is from the US who are paired with fantastic teams on the ground in Israel.