During the last week of October 2023 four consultants from Outsourcing to Israel (OTI), a leading recruitment firm specializing in remote work placements within the Healthcare industry broke a new record. These consultants successfully made a remarkable 32 hires in just one week for a prominent US healthcare institution.
The remarkable accomplishment is attributed to our commitment to efficiency, innovation, and a process-driven approach that sets new industry standards.In response to the growing demand for qualified healthcare professionals, we implemented strategic initiatives that streamlined the recruitment process, ensuring both speed and precision in matching skilled nurses with the needs of the healthcare institution.“The mission was simple: find the best nursing talent for our client. I had no doubt that our consultants were up for the challenge. They are passionate, driven, and experienced. I am proud of their dedication to their work and their determination to deliver exceptional results.” Yehuda Freilich, CEO of Outsourcing to Israel said.The success of this dream team can be attributed to several factors:1. Effective Remote Collaboration: Their remote work setup facilitated seamless communication and collaboration, enabling them to work together across different time zones.2. Expertise and Experience: Each team member brought their unique skills and experience to the table, allowing them to tackle various aspects of their duties.3. Dedication and Determination: The consultants were dedicated to delivering the best results, consistently going the extra mile to ensure the client’s needs were met.As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, it reaffirms our dedication to advancing the healthcare industry by connecting the most qualified nursing professionals with institutions in need. We look forward to continued success and growth in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare recruitment.