There are qualities to look for when hiring remote workers

Hiring remote workers can be a tricky business. Why? Because there’s no “cookie-cutter” version of an employee who will be a successful remote hire. There are just too many nuances for that to be a reality.

Nevertheless, there are certain characteristics and skills that make a huge difference in whether or not a job candidate – no matter how talented – will be able to transition smoothly to a remote position.

there are 5 qualities you want to look for when hiring remote workers.

We call them the “5 C’s.”

Let’s get started.


When you’re hiring a remote worker, you need someone who’s consistent.

Why? Because remote employees have to stay steady and focused without the outside trappings of an office. If they’re working from home — as many working moms do — then they’ll need to work despite the laundry that’s waiting or the kid who went to school upset. If they’re working from an internet cafe, they’ll have to continue working steadily no matter which friend they meet.

Being able to deliver reliably while working in an unconventional setting is something all remote workers need to handle. And that takes consistency.


When you work in an office, you can easily brainstorm and bounce ideas off of colleagues while you’re getting your coffee or taking a “water-cooler” break. If something comes up, you can poke your head in and see if a co-worker is available to thrash it out for a few minutes.

But what happens when a team member is on her own, facing nothing but her screen?

That’s why, when you’re hiring remote workers, you want to make sure they can think creatively on their own.

This is actually not so hard to figure out. Just have your recruiters throw in a creative question or two when they’re doing remote interviews. How and what potential hires answer will show you their creative abilities right away.

hire remote workers who are considerate

This is super-important. Of course, you want all of your team members to be considerate because working with someone who isn’t is a pain in the neck. But remote workers need an extra dose of it.

Why? Because it takes sensitivity and whole lot of consideration of others to know how to be a team player when you’re not in the same physical space, to judge people’s moods and availability when you only see them on Zoom or Slack or whichever collaborative software you use.


Yeah, curiosity may have killed the cat. It’s also a killer trait in a remote employee. It’s what makes them want to know more about the company, their colleagues and what really make the business tick. Because remember, they’re not going to be picking all that up on the daily in the office.

It’s also much easier to get burned out when working remotely. Hiring someone who’s curious means that new challenges and skill sets get them excited and keep them fresh. Even when they’re working in solitude.

can they collaborate?

Hiring remote workers who know how to be collaborative is a total must. Successful remote teams depend on constant collaboration, cooperation and mutual feedback.

You do not want to hire a remote employee who bristles when some redirection is in order or who gets self-defensive about their work. You need team members who can work with all kinds of people, who know how to give and take, and who can accept occasional guidance when it’s warranted.

(No, no one wants to be micromanaged no matter how collaborative they are.)

So there you have it: the 5 core qualities your company should be looking for when you’re hiring remote workers.

Good luck with your next hire!

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