remote team working in the cloud

The remote work trend is increasing exponentially. Today, more and more employees are choosing to work on virtual teams. The advantages are apparent to both employees and business owners alike. Here are some great reasons for your business to hire remote American employees.

1) Access the Best Talent Available

The traditional hiring model focused mainly on attracting employees that were geographically convenient. Even organizations that were willing to pay to move their new hires were asking for a big commitment. This type of arrangement was not always successful and mutually beneficial, which is why remote work became a better solution.

By hiring remotely, companies can significantly broaden their applicant pool and choose to only select the best candidates for each specific position.

2) Focus on Results

Virtual teams have different dynamics than on-site teams. In this distinct type of culture, results are the main measure of performance. Rather than just appear to work hard when their management comes around, remote employees by nature are more focused on delivering results.

The phenomenon of trying to look the part, without actually playing it, can be very damaging to company outcomes and can be improved by working with a virtual team.

3) Reduce Team Turnover

Commuting to work is one of the most significant sources of stress for most professionals. Many studies have proved that employees who work remotely are happier. They are less likely to move to another organization and give up the luxury of virtual work.

4) Optimize Spending

Offices are expensive. The on-site infrastructure and amenities offered to employees are costly too. Simply letting people work remotely can help them enjoy all the comforts they want without incurring the extensive costs of office space. This is especially notable with team members that want a highly customized workspace, like remote software developers.

Working with a virtual team allows employers to focus their spending on high return investments. Whether by hiring more people or paying more competitive salaries, this spending offers greater results than monthly office and equipment rental.

5) Improve Productivity

Offices can be distracting places. Surprisingly, they often hurt productivity more than help. Especially with modern communication tools, many workers find that they can get more done by working remotely. Most remote workers experience a productivity increase of around 10% to 50%.
Remote work also frequently goes hand-in-hand with more flexible schedules. Giving people the flexibility to work when and where they want allows them to focus their efforts on being highly productive.

Remote Employees in Israel
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