OTI Services

Work Options

Our Recruiting and Outsourcing team will find you the ideal candidate and will manage your off-shore working relationships so that you get the high-quality work you expect while saving time and money.

With our services, you can choose from the following options:

  • Hire a candidate who will work from home.
  • Use OTI’s well-equipped centers as a workplace.
  • Let OTI start up your own center in Israel.


The process begins with recruiting the best individuals for your project. We reach deep into our network of qualified professionals to find the perfect employee for each specific job. Our skilled recruiters handle every aspect of the process, including searching our own database as well as other job portals, advertising, interviewing, filtering and pre-screening applicants, arranging and conducting personal interviews, negotiating the terms of employment and providing follow-up support. We don’t stop until you are 100% satisfied with the arrangement.

Specialized Training

Once we find an ideal candidate, we can also arrange training and motivational programs for Israel-based employees. This can provide added value and even better results.

Offshore Experience

Outsourcing to Israel (or OTI) has experience in navigating through all the technicalities involved in working offshore and provides that experience to our clientele. Whether you are simply looking for a single Israel-based professional to assist with your U.S. operation or you are looking to open an entire center of professionals working exclusively for your firm, we can facilitate all of your technical requirements including:

  • Leasing prime office space
  • Office equipment and furnishings
  • Setting up international telephone and video conferencing systems
  • Installation of high speed internet systems
  • Developing efficient, low cost work centers anywhere in Israel

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