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Level 2 IT support specialistJob Description


New level 2 Helpdesk support opening! Work from home 5-11pm, Sun-Thursday.

The preferred candidate must have the following skills:

At least 2 years of experience in windows server environment
Solid grasp of networking concepts subnetting etc.
Comfortable configuring a firewall/networking equipment (Level 1 or 2)
Ability to document in a ticket and/or wiki as required.
MCSE Certified for windows server – or equivalent experience
Agreeable to do desktop support as well
Agreeable and pleasant attitude
Fluent English as a mother tounge with top communication skills

Preferred additional experience:

Experience in deploying cloud servers, (Google, Azure, Amazon)
Experience with cisco and/or sonicwall firewalls
Labtech/Connectwise experience
Experience working at another MSP with a solid structure and operating procedures

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