Outsourcing IT Support Specialists

If you’re looking to outsource your information technology (IT) operations, or if you need offshore support specialists for your business, look no further than Outsourcing to Israel (OTI). Our outsourcing IT service connects you with the best professionals to work with you remotely from Israel, for part-time, full-time, or project-based work.

We will:

  • Find you native English speaking, quality IT support specialists to work remotely, from a private office or home set-up
  • Match you with IT support provided from our office

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Why use Outsourcing to Israel for your IT support?

5 Leading Reasons to Use OTI

  1. High quality IT professionals

Our recruiters have a solid technical background and an acute understanding of what makes exceptional IT support. Due to our detailed, comprehensive screening process, we offer you skilled Information Technology professionals who rank at the top of the field.

Native English speakers & American standards

No more struggling with language and accent difficulties! Benefit from an American IT support team who speaks your language fluently, with a genuine understanding of all the nuances and meanings in English. Our specialists are US citizens who currently live abroad in Israel. In addition to native language comprehension, you’ll receive IT services provided with high American work ethics, professionalism and reliability.

Cost-effective service

The majority of our IT support services are performed remotely, off-site and from home offices. You’ll spend up to 30% less on overhead costs, and channel your in-house resources effectively so your staff can focus on their own critical jobs. The cost of living in Israel is also lower, helping you maintain a much lower budget for the same level of quality and productivity.

24/7 global IT support

Our IT support has no downtime. As Israel is in a different time zone, you’ll receive dependable, around-the-clock support according to your needs – when you need it, during your work hours and/or ours. No hour is after-hours for us. Deadlines are met more easily this way, with shorter turn-around time.


We’ll give you offshore IT specialists who are stable and lasting; they’ll stay with your company for the long-term, saving you the time, energy and cost spent on training & adapting to new staff regularly.

In sum – your business will function with expert, dependable American professionals, within a lower budget.

“Our company is always faced with positions that need to be filled urgently,

and we turn to OTI. Their team is constantly available to accommodate

and fill our IT support needs, on many levels. They have a ready network

of skilled specialists who are available to begin work immediately.

By working with OTI, we saved significantly on overhead costs, with top quality results. The entire OTI experience is professional, reliable and an absolute pleasure!”
Levy Berkowitz, Manager of Network Services, Databit Inc

How do we recruit for IT Support positions?

Our Recruiting Team

Our talented recruiters are proficient in IT, so we know what matters when it comes to fulfilling your technical requirements. Depending upon the particular task, our recruiters will handpick the perfect IT specialists for you.

We have one of the largest databases of offshore American IT professionals available for work, as well as access to an extensive network of capable, quality professionals, and we have a tight screening process. Once potential candidates are identified, we’ll interview applicants personally to determine if they’re suitable for your remote IT support positions.

Matching Specialists to Your IT Needs

To start, we’ll listen to your IT support goals and objectives thoroughly.

Who do you require to optimize the tech functions of your company?

What skills do you need to keep your business running productively?

We’ll comprehend your needs and help you build a team of top IT support specialists, with our guarantee of the best fit for your company.

Contact OTI and tell us what you need.

We’re ready to provide you with outstanding IT support.

What types of Outsourced IT Services do our professionals offer?

From simple to complex, low-level to high-level, OTI offers multiple layers of constant and comprehensive IT support specialists.


    • Network Admins and IT Network Support Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3 Technical Support
    • System Administrators
    • Helpdesk Engineers
    • IT Helpdesk Outsourcing
    • QA Testers
    • Data Entry
    • Managed Cloud Service Provider

  • Operating systems
  • LAN and wireless networking technologies
  • Virtualization
  • Big Data
  • DB Administration
  • Cloud solutions
  • VOIP and PBX
  • Backup and Security solutions
  • CCTV cameras
  • Hardware, all forms


“I’ve worked with OTI for 3 years, and I have only amazing things to say!

With their help, we opened an office in Israel and hired multiple specialists,

with no need to be on-site. OTI helped us find top talent and continues

to help us whenever possible. Their whole team is very skilled and extremely reliable.

I strongly recommend them!”

Vadim Vladimirsky, CEO, Adar; provider of Nerdio Streaming IT

Winning the Hi-Tech Race

Technology moves at lightning speed, and you need an IT outsourcing service provider who keeps up. Israel is a dominant force in the tech industry, where IT research and development soars on the global scene.  We’ll provide you with hi-tech talent that keeps pace with these advances and current industry practices, so your business doesn’t lag behind. Your leading success is our goal.

Creative Offshore IT Solutions

Creative problem solving is a trait we insist upon in all of our IT outsourcing specialists; nobody reads from a script. Nowadays, customers demand quick and inventive resolutions.

IT support providers who blindly follow an outlined protocol will disappoint and frustrate your customers. Our premium IT management outsourcing will satisfy your clients’ expectations with the efficiency that they deserve.

OTI is the best IT outsourcing solution, giving you the best of both worlds:

Quality American work standards, (in mother-tongue English!) and

the inexpensive, competitive rates of off-shore IT outsourcing

Contact OTI to schedule a meeting and start now,

with no obligation or minimum time commitment.

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