Meet the Team

Yehuda Freilich, CEO

“My passion is to help people and companies and connect them with great opportunities.”

yehuda-freilichHaving founded and run a few companies and organizations, I am an experienced entrepreneur. I lived in Chicago, USA, for many years before I returned to Israel. It was then that I discovered an untapped gold mine of talented American and Anglo talent living in Israel. Due to cultural and/or language barriers, many of these skilled and exceptional people simply do not fit well into the Israeli work environment.

In response, I took action and founded Outsourcing to Israel (OTI) – to bring this outstanding, quality work force to serve companies professionally in the US. Since 2013, I’ve been leading OTI in the placement of hundreds of specialists from the fields of IT, Finance and Administrative roles, with thriving American companies.

Adina Steinhardt, Senior Recruiter

“Absolutely zealous about recruiting, I am a dedicated and hardworking HR professional.”

adinaI bring plenty of professional HR experience to my work for OTI. At Talmer Bank and Trust, in Michigan, I was a Recruiting Support Specialist, tasked with supporting the Talent Acquisition Team. My responsibilities included constant interactions with the HR Service Center and assisting all members of the HR team.

With my intense interest in finding the right candidate to fit the job, I take pride in making perfect matches. I have a strong track record for pinpointing the right person for the job – and the right job for the person. Leaving no stone unturned, I stay with my clients from the first to the last step of the whole hiring process. Using my strong communication and people skills, I handle the initial intake smoothly and follow through efficiently, assisting clients with all job negotiations. I believe this is the only way to achieve top-quality results.

Tzvi Stein, Director of Development & Marketing

“Building relationships and comprehending what others need is my specialty.”

I believe that the strong skills I gained in a range of industries are adaptable and transferable to every role and task that I take on. I have plenty of academic and empirical experience to support my work for OTI. After completing a Bachelor of Business Administration at Macquarie University (NSW, Australia), I dedicated more than 10 years of full time work in multiple industries, including Finance, Industrial Engineering, IT, Software, Government and Recruitment.

Talia Belsky, Bookkeeper

“I place high value on the importance of healthy customer relations and good feelings from employees.”

When financial transactions between vendors and customers are dealt with efficiently, everyone feels satisfied by the interaction. With over seven years of accounting experience, I am able to consistently provide timely and accurate bookkeeping services to a range of small companies. I enjoy working with the many, diverse companies that OTI services. I also appreciate working with all the unique consultants who offer their professional expertise. It is a pleasure to watch OTI grow as they continue to bring more services to American companies at affordable costs, in addition to generating great employment opportunities for the many Anglo Olim in Israel.