About Us

Professional Recruiting Team

At OTI, we have a strong team of recruiting and outsourcing experts who have over a decade of experience filling open positions with qualified candidates. Our team members understand the U.S. market are committed to fulfilling each client’s specific needs. We will find you qualified professionals living in Israel with the exact skills set and experience that you are looking for.

Hiring the Best

When it comes to your business needs, only the best is good enough. Outsourcing To Israel will dramatically reduce your operating costs without affecting quality or compromising your reputation. All of our professionals, have received their education, training, and experience at high-level schools and companies in the U.S. Rather than settling for sub-par work, you can now hire qualified employees in Israel who will be an asset to your company.

Our top-notch recruiting team will do everything from start to finish including:

  • Utilizing our own large and sophisticated database as well as other job boards
  • Advertising the position throughout Israel
  • Selecting, interviewing and pre-screening suitable candidates
  • Arranging and coordinating interviews
  • Conducting and finalizing negotiations
  • Providing round-the-clock support to employees and employers

Let Outsourcing To Israel (or OTI) help save you money today; in today’s competitive marketplace, you can’t afford not to.